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不是國内和國外的區別,而是稅金鼓勵全民健保體系和維護私人醫療體系的區別,奧巴馬醫保推行前,誰能想到叫一次救護車就要 2000 美元?
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外版的 iphone emoji 民國國旗不會變成***
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美版 se3
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qq 和 qq 郵箱都被回收了,擁抱 outlook
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Galaxy Tab A9+
公有经济如果效率比私营低吗?引援自“Milton Friedman”的观点
The Four Ways of Spending Data

Spending your own money on yourself.
For example, buying groceries or lunch. There is a strong incentive to economize and to get full value.

Spending your own money on someone else.
For example, buying a gift for another. There is a strong incentive to economize, but perhaps less to achieve full value from the other person’s point of view. Altruism is admirable, but it differs from value maximization, since—strictly speaking—giving cash would maximize the other’s value. Perhaps the point of a gift is that it does not amount to cash and the maximization of the other person’s welfare from their point of view.

Spending someone else’s money on yourself.
For example, an expensed business lunch. “Pass me the filet mignon and Chateau Lafite! Do you have one of those menus without any prices?” There is a strong incentive to get maximum utility, but there is little incentive to economize.

Spending someone else’s money on someone else.
For example, applying the proceeds of taxes or donations. There may be an indirect desire to see utility, but incentives for quality and cost management are often diminished.
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