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AFFiNE is a Next-Gen Knowledge Base to replace Notion & Miro.
Open-source, privacy-first, and always free.

Learn more over at our GitHub:
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@husinhu 那个大佬说错了。。。我们目前总部 base 新加坡~~
@saveai 55 超级感谢!!!欢迎多使用多反馈!!
@Fa11ingWood 超级感谢!!!欢迎多多试用反馈!如果有 Product Hunt 的账号也欢迎去 支持⬆️评论一下下,超级感谢
@leapgroup 感谢感谢,如果有 product hunt 的账号欢迎去 支持一下!
@yao177 There is some difference between AFFiNE and logseq, the most significant difference is that AFFiNE's document mode can be switched seamlessly to whiteboard mode, and the switch between Kanban view and other views is much smoother. On top of that, we want to provide a more powerful editing experience.
All the more atomic-level elements in AFFiNE can be referenced and reused more smoothly, while quickly helping you to structure the brainstorming process.
AFFiNE helps you to finish editing the scattered elements of brainstorming and then quickly integrate them into documents and Kanban boards to help you further execute and implement the organization and management of your personal knowledge base.
Some of the most important features are:
- Transformable
- Every block can be transformed equally well as a database
- e.g. you can now set up a to-do with MarkDown in text view and edit it in Kanban view.
- Every doc can be turned into a whiteboard
- An always good-to-read, structured docs-form page is the best for your notes, but a boundless doodle surface is better for collaboration and creativity.
- Atomic
- The basic element of affine are blocks, not pages.
- Blocks can be directly reused and synced between pages.
- Pages and blocks are searched and organized on the basis of connected graphs, not tree-like paths.
- Dual-link and semantic search are fully supported.
- Collaborative and privacy-first
- Data is always stored locally by default
- CRDTs are applied so that peer-to-peer collaboration is possible.
We also prepared an article to introduce more details about AFFiNE:
Any other question please feel free to contact us.
2021-05-03 22:26:51 +08:00
回复了 xiawinter 创建的主题 酷工作 疫情下,教育互联网行业大爆,要来 Startup 试试吗?
@W20NY 你好,请添加我们的联络微信进行细节上的沟通哈~非常感谢
2021-05-03 12:26:08 +08:00
回复了 Mountain 创建的主题 职场话题 要不要放弃杭漂回山东_(:з」∠)_
2021-05-03 12:23:53 +08:00
回复了 usralpha 创建的主题 酷工作 [杭州,招聘]致力于知识开源的我们,你愿意加入吗?
@hqlyz 目前暂时不支持远程……面试表现非常良好的会发 conditional offer,即可线下加入的时候再兑换
2021-05-03 12:22:46 +08:00
回复了 usralpha 创建的主题 酷工作 [杭州,招聘]致力于知识开源的我们,你愿意加入吗?
@W20NY 目前在小范围招聘,如果有意愿投递也可以发作品集到邮箱或者直接联系微信~~
2021-05-03 12:21:54 +08:00
回复了 usralpha 创建的主题 酷工作 [杭州,招聘]致力于知识开源的我们,你愿意加入吗?
@Mountain 前端了解 react,后端了解 Go 是最好的,如果不会这两种,有相关项目经验或者管理经验也是很好的,因为默认大家的学习能力很强。(因为账号太新没办法直接发招聘,所以委托了下楼主帮忙发这个帖子)
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