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@willbing 不是雷电。。。是普通 c 口
@tyhunter emmm...全篇没提,但问答页面有人问
Is it possible to use the Flujo Signature Pro connected to a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter to MacBook Pro 2015?
Unfortunately, MacBook Pro 2015 is not compatible with the Signature Pro because it uses Thunderbolt 2 interface, instead of Thunderbolt 3.
看起来是雷电 3 的?

Is there room for thermal pads/heat sink inside the Flujo Signature Pro?

In our earlier product development stage, we had done multiple rounds of stress test to the product and the results came out positively. The maximum temperature when an entire full load is reached is 48.5°C. Due to the Flujo Signature Pro small form factor, there is no room for thermal pads or heat sink inside the unit. As for the finished product, we had done shielding to the product's body and also, we are using an aluminum casing as the exterior casing as it dissipates the heat faster than the usual plastic casing. The 8 adaptor ports also provide a source for heat to escape.
@Naed 这个很符合,可是好想没开放
Formcake 这个很符合,可是好想没开放
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