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神奇的需求 自带 卡顿是 app 的 bug 不是系统的,从来没遇到 1v1
6 天前
回复了 iCruiser 创建的主题 Apple 14 寸 M1 Max 机型键盘中心处积热严重
换 air
9 天前
回复了 dreamcog 创建的主题 分享创造 做一个新的中文版本的 Reddit (简答)
@demo 奠定社区风格基调,类似 zhihu
9 天前
回复了 dreamcog 创建的主题 分享创造 做一个新的中文版本的 Reddit (简答)
牛,问下 网站备案了么? 内容合规审查怎么做的?
15 天前
回复了 Taran 创建的主题 Linux 关于 classpath 和操作系统有关还是和 shell 有关
操作系统不会要你的 classpath

classpath 只是一种约定俗成,某些应用会使用这个环境变量

印象中 jdk5 还是 6 开始就不需要单独在系统中设置 classpath 环境变量了,
17 天前
回复了 liliclinton 创建的主题 云计算 serverless framework 国内只能用腾讯云?

There is no discrimination here, The logic you see here is used to auto separate users that use AWS and Tencent Provider, and for users from China Tencent is the default provider.

We decide to make Tencent as the default provider in China as we cooperate with Tencent closely to provide the best experience for most users from China, and user may easily switch back to AWS if they wish by set SERVERLESS_PLATFORM_VENDOR to aws or SLS_GEO_LOCATION to anywhere else than cn.

We need to know if a user is from China, then we will show CLI context in Chinese to make it easier for users from China use the CLI and understand help info we want to tell users.

Technically, we have have different architecture on AWS and Tencent, as the infrastructure is different, so we have different CLI (Framework CLI and Component CLI) to help user using serverless, to make user has the best experience, we nested the components CLI in the Framework CLI , they all will be triggered by commands serverless or sls, with geo location info we can easily find the correct CLI for all Serverless users.

We worked a lot to improve the experience of users from China, not only the Chinese content, but also the user scenarios that China users preferred (eg: easy deploy WEB framework app to serverless, like Express, Flask, ThinkPHP).

Hope this give you a clear idea why we check geo location and vendor info in our code, please let me know if you have future questions.
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