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Some key reasons OpenAI is not releasing GPT-3 or ChatGPT in China:

Political concerns: There are tensions between US and China on AI and technology. Releasing powerful AI models in China could be seen as strengthening China's AI capabilities relative to the US.
Censorship and surveillance: China has broad censorship and surveillance laws. There are concerns that GPT-3 or ChatGPT could be used or altered to aid censorship or surveillance, which OpenAI does not want to enable.
Lack of oversight: There is less transparency and oversight around AI use in China. OpenAI has expressed a goal of careful, regulated development of AI, and the Chinese context may not allow for that.
IP and commercial concerns: There are also intellectual property and commercial concerns about releasing OpenAI's models and code in China without sufficient controls in place. OpenAI likely wants to retain control over how its systems are used.

Overall, there are a number of political, regulatory, and ethical concerns holding OpenAI back from releasing powerful AI models like GPT-3 and ChatGPT in China. They aim for careful oversight of these technologies, which may not be feasible in the Chinese context. Of course, China could still develop its own systems with similar capabilities.
听听 Bard 的看法
There are a few reasons why OpenAI doesn't provide ChatGPT service to China.

First, China has a strict censorship policy, and OpenAI would need to comply with this in order to operate in the country. This could mean that ChatGPT would be limited in what it could say or do, which would defeat the purpose of the service.

Second, China has a strong domestic tech industry, and OpenAI would face stiff competition from Chinese companies that are already offering similar services.

Third, OpenAI is a US-based company, and there are currently tensions between the US and China. This could make it difficult for OpenAI to do business in China.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to provide ChatGPT service to China is up to OpenAI. However, there are a number of factors that they would need to consider before making a decision.

接着我又问,why not Iran either ?

OpenAI has not publicly stated why it does not provide ChatGPT service to Iran. However, it is likely that the company is concerned about the potential for its technology to be used for censorship or surveillance in Iran.

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